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Hexacomb Box 48 x 15 x 36"
SKU: HX0156

Bx lined w/1"Hexacomb More details...

Price: $149.99

Product Details

Hexacomb Boxes

Outside Dimensions: 48 x 15 x 36"
Inside Dimensions: 46 x 13 x 34"
The name Hexacomb Container comes from Hexacomb which is Honeycomb designed packing material; it is a light material made from paper that is recyclable and most importantly, light and strong.
The Hexacomb Container method of packaging can replace crating items nearly 80% of the time. Our idea has been working for years! By custom making a 6 piece liner of Honeycomb around the interior of boxes, items are so well protected that the box can handle the pressure of the shipping process like a wood crate without the extra weight of a wood crate.
- Artwork
- Hard drives/computer equipment
- Flat Screens/TVs/Electronics
- Medical equipment
- Home appliances and fixtures
- Furniture
We offer custom Hexacomb Boxes
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