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SPS where you'll always find all your packaging and shipping supplies and solutions at the most competitive prices nationwide. 
With 22000  of products in categories ranging from boxes paper cushioning products bubble wrap foam rolls foam sheets mailing and moving supplies retail and poly bags tape labels dessicants stretch wrap shrink wrap warehouse equipment safety supplies and surface protection. .
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SPS Packaging Supplies is the creator of the Hexacomb packaging.

What is the Hexacomb packaging?

Hexacomb packaging is using Hexacomb  which is Honeycomb designed packing material; it is a light material made from paper that is recyclable and most importantly, light and strong.
The Hexacomb packaging method of packaging can replaces wood crating.
Our idea has been working for years! By custom making a 6 piece liner of Honeycomb around the interior of boxes, items are so well protected that the box can handle the pressure of the shipping process like a wood crate without the extra weight of a wood crate. Through this idea, we create Hexacomb boxes ready made,
Hexacomb lined boxes of the size you need and the security you can trust. We also make Hexacomb Foam boxes using the same method. Hexacomb Foam boxes are for especially delicate items such as sensitive electronics, large glass items, or artwork. Not only are they lined with a layer of Hexacomb, but we add a layer of foam that absorbs shock, protects the item, and holds it in place through any shipment. We have used these Hexacomb Foam boxes to create boxes in sizes especially designed for hard to pack items such as table tops that are marble or glass, flat screen TVs, and computer devices.                       

Hexacomb packaging
 It's The Solution!
The Hexacomb packaging method of packaging can replace crating items nearly 80% of the time.
Hexacomb packaging has been tested with 3rd party lab and with major shipping carriers.
No Wood Stock sizes Hexapack Custom Hexapack any size Cstom Hexapack any size Custom Hexapack multi compartments Custom special made any size
100's Stock sizes available  & Custom sizing available. We have done projects with up to 160" long . Contact us.