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Crating Services

Crating Services
Crating Without The Wood Cost Savings
Hexacomb Containers is crating without the costly method of using wooden crates.
No Wood

Hexacomb Containers is made of special Hexacomb Material that is 64psi tested in strength to handle 1000s of lbs. We offer a variety of sizes including custom sizing.
Hexacomb packaging replaces wood crating.
Hexacomb packaging has been tested with 3rd party lab and with major shipping carriers.
No Wood Stock sizes Hexapack Custom Hexapack any size Cstom Hexapack any size Custom Hexapack multi compartments Custom special made any size
100's Stock sizes avialable & Custom sizing available. We have done projects with up to 160" .
Packaging service:
This method of packaging is the latest technology and is environmentally friendly. By using the Hexacomb honeycomb product, we can pack and ship anything from artwork to medical supplies and electronics. This light weight product is strong and recyclable.

The secret for shipping, getting your shipment to arrive damage free, and avoiding any shipping problems is in the packaging process. Once an item is packed and shipped, it is just another box in a massive shipping industry. It will pass through many hands, move from truck to truck, and maybe even sit under the weight of the products filling the hold of an airplane.

What to do to make sure that your valuables get where you want them to be in excellent condition while avoiding stressful claims?
Hexacomb Packing is the answer to protect your valuables no matter how expensive or delicate the its are..
We also offer shipping services worldwide.

How do we do it?
We make Hexacomb Containers.

Hexacomb Containers are made from Hexacomb which is Honeycomb. Honeycomb is a light material made from paper that is recyclable and, most importantly, light and strong.

Hexacomb Containers replaces wood crating .
Our idea has been working for years! By custom making a six piece liner of Honeycomb for the top, bottom, and four walls of a box, the item is caged in so well that the box can handle the pressure and handling of the shipping process like a wood crate.
Hexacomb Containers are significantly lighter and thus easily shipped and received, and provides a great savings on shipping costs.

We offer Hexacomb containers in any size.
We build them custom from any of our 550 sizes available on the floor.
We carry boxes ranging from surfboard boxes to plasma TV boxes and even art boxes.
Hexacomb Boxes for every TV size up to 90" TV Boxes


  • Artwork
  • Laptops
  • Desktop hardrives
  • Monitors
  • Flat screen and tube TVs
  • Electronic projectors
  • Stereo equipment
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Furniture
  • Home appliances and fixtures
Hexacomb honeycomb
Cushion-comb material is paper-based, and completely recyclable with standard disposal methods.
  • Cushion-comb material is completely recyclable with standard disposal methods
  • Suitable replacement of Molded EPS and PE foam
  • Repeatable cushion curves allow for consistent protection .

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